Fall Home Tour

Although the fall season is just about over (I mean, let’s face it, half of America already has their Christmas trees up-myself included!), I thought it’d be fun to share a fall home tour on the blog.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons and this year I really loved my decor, so here we go!

Front Porch
Let’s start with the obvious-the front porch!  I still love the layered doormat look and can’t believe I stumbled upon this cute rug at Marshal’s ON SALE!  It was truly meant to be.  I DIY’d pretty much everything else…I made the “Happy Fall Y’all” sign from an old board I found in our garage when we moved in.  It’s reversible-you’ll see the other side in my next post for Christmas decor!  The wreath was a super easy DIY made from a grapevine wreath, lambs ear garland and cotton bolls!  Last but not least, the tiered pumpkin pail was made with a dowel rod and foam pumpkins that I snatched up from Walmart.  Easy as that!

I struggled the most with this space.  I could NOT decide how to decorate the table until I finally stumbled upon this cute pumpkin “wagon” from Big Lots!  It was super cute filled with pumpkins, pine cones and greenery.  I think probably my most favorite addition to this space has to be the little green toaster.  How cute is it?!  I found it at our local Vintage Market Days show and the minute she told me it was a toaster, I was sold!

Dining Room
This room was by far my favorite.  I love just sitting in here and looking out the window as I sip my coffee on days off.  This year’s decor made it even better!  First, I lined the table with my wood slabs.  I used a combination of old mason jars, faux wood candles and pumpkins to fill them in.  I also stuck a few sprigs of lambs ear to add a touch of color.  The wheat bundle is from last year and I added the “welcome” sign on one side and the “gather” napkin holder on the other.  I’m not sure which side I like best!  Last but not least, I wound the wooden bead garland throughout the candles and jars just to add a little bit of texture.  I can’t believe how great it turned out!  The other favorite spot in this room is my little chest and window on the wall.  If you remember from my last post, I used this window as our program at our wedding.  Now, I love how it looks hanging in our dining room with banners and garlands draped across it!  The little pumpkin banner and truck were both from Walmart while the balance scale and tassel banner were from Kirklands.  The candlesticks and antique coffee and sugar canisters were picked up from a garage sale over the summer!  I love how it all turned out!

Living Room
Another room where I love to just sit and take it all in…At a certain time of day, the sun shines directly on the fireplace and give it a perfect glow.  Simply gorgeous!  Let’s start with the mantle and fireplace.  I’ve had this leaf garland (technically it’s two garlands) for a few years now and I love how it looks draping across the mantle.  The colors tie in perfectly with my candle holders from Kirklands.  I bought all my faux pumpkins from Walmart–I was going for a more neutral look with the light greens and whites with a few pops of red and orange just to really make it look like fall.  A few of my favorite pieces have to be the little lantern I got from my favorite antique mall, the cute little tags from Krumpets Home Decor, my DIY oval frame wreath, and the cute little apple basket from Big Lots! Side note: if you’ve never considered Big Lots for seasonal decor, you need to reconsider.  Their fall stuff was adorable this year and now their Christmas decor on point!  They have so many different styles to choose from, too, so there’s bound to be SOMETHING that you’ll love!  (not an ad, I am just really impressed! :P)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t typically decorate our bedroom for the seasons, but I couldn’t resist adding a cute fall sign to our dresser this year!  This sign was my first, big DIY project with my Cricut and I’d be lying if I said it was easy.  I majorly struggled with the stencil vinyl and eventually gave up before deciding to just flip it to the back and use black, permanent vinyl.  The back is covered with ticking cloth for two reasons–one, because I didn’t want an ugly back to reflect in the mirror; and two, because the back (originally the front) was extremely screwed up from my attempts to paint it with stencil vinyl. 😛  Thankfully, I have since learned from my mistakes and successfully used the stencil vinyl with no issues!  Thank you, husband, for encouraging me to try again. 🙂

And that just about wraps up my fall home tour!  There are a few more spaces decorated for fall–like my kitchen and den–but I think that’s enough for one post.  I hope you enjoyed it and will come back for the Christmas home tour once the house is all decorated!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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